T&T Advantages

TUT and TAM Logistics  (T&T) provides modern third party logistics services for business-companies in the Republic of Belarus.

T&T manages logistics centers in 10 Belarusian cities and provides transportation and delivery of goods within 24 hours across the entire country. Daily we transport 400 tons of goods to 4 000 trade objects by 400 trucks. Learn more about our advantages.

T & T: Delivering everything: you sell - we deliver!

Clients' Benefits

Handing logistics outsourcing to professional 3PL-provider our Clients get opportunities:
  • To save time and resources and to focus on business management, production, sales, product promotion.
  • To improve business performance.
  • To reduce operating costs by switching from fixed costs to variable.
  • To cut investments in logistics - warehouse, transportation, technologies, personnel.

Service Standarts

  • warehouses: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • transportation and delivery: up to 24 hours all over Belarus, including the day
  • customer serviсe: 98% accepted/delivered on time; timely returned documents
  • transport´s  quality: regular technical condition control
  • energy and communication: reserve sources, reliability and regularity

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26 oct 2014

NEW transport as an advantage: T&T signed a contract with the HYUNDAI Truck & Bus official dealer

24 aug 2013

T&T Birthday: a great summer celebration

17 aug 2013


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