TUT and TAM Logistics (T&T) is a modern provider of integrated logistics services (3PL). T&T provides integrated warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to Clients´needs based on market conditions and the demands. T&T focuses on providing flexible logistics solutions, delivering excellent customer service, and building partnerships with companies to improve their supply chain networks. We offer our Clients unique integrated logistics solutions which take into account all specific features of Client's business-processes.

TUT and TAM Logistics (T & T) has been working under its new trademark since  2010. Company’s history started in 1994 when distribution company «Arlon» appeared in the Belarusian market. Later the company changed its major field of business activity to logistics.

T&T manages logistics centers in 10 Belarusian cities and provides transportation and delivery of goods within 24 hours across the entire country. Daily we transport 400 tons of goods to 4 000 trade objects by 400 trucks.

Our Clients are large manufacturers such as, for example, Danone, British American Tobacco, Heineken, and distributors managing sales of legendary world-famous brands - companies Mostra-Group, Tibetrey, Bitter-Group.

Each Client is a very special, unique logistics project. Therefore, logistics solutions by T&T are customized for the business. We study the characteristics of the Client and analyze the specifics of the Client’s business-processes to form a service-package. The services we offer to our Clients are regularly revised to reflect the increasing demands and correspond to international standards which is proved by our cooperation with international manufacturing companies. We offer target-costing and we have a customized reporting system to provide reports that suit Clients´ requirements. 

We work to provide unique logistics solutions that will make our Clients’ distribution network as efficient as possible and contribute to the development of our Clients’ business.