Transportation Services

-TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY SERVICE STANDARDS. Transportation is carried out under control of dispatching control service and is real time monitored. Transportation is supported by transportation management system (TMS) as a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation operations and a part of an enterprise resource planning system. 

- NEW TRUCKS and QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. The total number of T&T trucks - 400 new FORD Transit and HYUNDAI trucks branded in T&T corporate style. Systematic updating and regular maintenance from authorized dealers. Regular GPS-monitoring.

- "FRESH DELIVERY": keeping the temperature +2 - +6 C. Optimal number of trucks with isothermal vans and mobile temperature recorders.

- CROSS-DOCKING. Cross-docking means acceptance and subsequent unloading of goods at the warehouse without placing in the commercial storage area. Our cross-docking platforms are the countrywide network of T&T affiliates.

- INFORMATION SUPPORT SERVICES. Customized reporting: our reports suit all the requirements and needs of our Clients. Information exchange with Clients´ ERP-system. Transparent billing.